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EAA Xpress
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EAA Xpress

EAA Xpress BCAA & Essential Amino Acids

Scitec Nutrition


Increase Energy



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40 Servings

EAA Xpress

Product Guide

3400mg BCAA, 7160mg EAA

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Lactose Free

The full spectrum of essential amino acids

The essential amino acid ratio is in line with WHO recommendations

Available in 5 flavours

EAA Xpress


EAA Xpress contains all the essential amino acids an active lifestyle needs, in the proportions recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). With a properly balanced diet, EAA Express will ensure that you don't go without essential amino acids - and we all know that as the building blocks of protein, adequate amino acid supply is of paramount importance to us all!


We would suggest drinking your EAA during, or around, a training or cardio session. They can however be enjoyed any time to allow you to get more water in and support recovery.


Anyone can enjoy essential amino acid supplements. Especially important for those who are dieting and want to maintain as much muscle as possible, or are struggling to consume enough complete proteins throughout the day.


Scitec Nutrition EAA Xpress


Mix 1 serving (10g=¾ scoop) of EAA Xpress powder per day with 400 ml of cold water. Consume one serving before training. On rest days, take one serving between two meals.