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Tyrosine 100 Capsules
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Tyrosine 100 Capsules

Tyrosine 100 Capsules BCAA & Essential Amino Acids

Scitec Nutrition


Improve Recovery



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100 Capsules
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Tyrosine 100 Capsules

Product Guide

Cognitive enhancement

Heightened focus

Mood regulation

Neurotransmitter support

Improved mental clarity

Stress reduction

Ideal for intense workouts

High-quality amino acid

Tyrosine 100 Capsules


Elevate your fitness and wellbeing with Scitec Tyrosine. Enhance cognitive function, stay focused during workouts, and maintain a positive mood. By supporting neurotransmitters, this supplement aids mental clarity and reduces stress, making it the perfect addition to your fitness routine. Maximise your results and conquer your fitness goals with Scitec Tyrosine.


Incorporate Scitec Tyrosine into your fitness programme for challenging workouts and mentally demanding exercises. Take it before intense training sessions to sharpen your focus and maintain mental clarity during exercise. Its stress-reducing properties make it especially beneficial during rigorous training phases, helping you stay motivated and on track towards achieving your fitness milestones.


Scitec Tyrosine is best suited for individuals seeking improved cognitive performance and mental focus. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast pushing your limits during workouts or someone with mentally demanding tasks, this product is perfect for enhancing clarity, attention, and overall mood.


Scitec Nutrition Tyrosine 100 Capsules


Take a serving 60 minutes before your workout. Use this product in conjunction with food as part of a healthy, balanced diet, not as a substitute for such.