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Yummy Sports EAA
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Yummy Sports EAA

Yummy Sports EAA BCAA & Essential Amino Acids

Yummy Sports


Improve Recovery


Intra Workout Supplements



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Yummy Sports EAA

Product Guide

Vegan and keto friendly

Electrolytes provide support to natural bodily functions

Available in five fruity flavours

40 servings per container

Sugar-free and gluten-free

Contains all nine essential amino acids

Yummy Sports EAA


If you ever feel as though your body isn't running on all cylinders, and could do with a little assistance, a boost in electrolytes can help you out. There is a complete Essential Amino Acid profile in this formula, as we know, these are the amino acids that your body can't self synthesise; consumption of them in your diet is vital.


This is an intra-workout supplement, to be consumed as you rest between circuits and machines to keep your minerals and fluids topped up. So, just before you're about to get started, get mixing!


Perhaps this would be mostly ideal to athletes who are slightly more injury prone or sensitive to fatigue and illness than others. Some of us just need a little more TLC. Also, if any of you have a particularly hectic lifestyle in general; consisting of lots of movement, lifting, early hours, etc.



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