Cream Of Rice
Cream Of Rice

Cream Of Rice Carbohydrate Supplements

Complete Strength


Improve Recovery


Post Workout Supplements


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Cream Of Rice

Product Guide

Range of flavours to choose from

Feel energised and pumped to get sweaty

Flavoured with sweetener to keep sugar content low

80 servings to a container

19g carbohydrates per serving

Mixes with boiling water to your preferred consistency

Cream Of Rice


When you are entering a period where you want to keep your energy levels high, a diet that is rich in carbs is very important. This is a delicious way to top up your body with carbohydrates at a very low expense of sugar content.


This is definitely something to consider when bulking season comes around. As far as timing goes, whenever you like! Recommended usage as a pre or post-workout snack.


This is an easily digested dose of carbohydrates. Therefore, it is suitable for people who have a schedule that doesn't allow for time to rest after eating. If you have an early start and need to be off ASAP, this would be ideal for you.