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Vitargo 900g
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Vitargo 900g

Vitargo 900g Carbohydrate Supplements

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Vitargo 900g

Product Guide

The ultimate super carbohydrate

Preferred by Olympic athletes seeking optimal performance

Low osmality helps prevent water retention and cramping

Delivers fuel to the body faster than other carb sources

Replenishes muscle glycogen

Reduces protein breakdown

Works within minutes

Vitargo 900g


Vitargo is a form of carbohydrate which is used by athletes seeking greater performance, and faster recovery. Compared to normal carbohydrates used for delivering energy quickly Vitargo gets to work much faster and in studies has been shown to increase performance by 23%, restore glycogen 70% faster, leaves the stomach 130% faster than other carb sources and even helps to reduce muscle breakdown.


Vitargo is used both before an event or workout to help ensure your body has readily available fuel to promote performance increases, during a workout to maintain energy levels and then also after a workout to recover more quickly. For hard training athletes Vitargo should be used year round.


Both endurance athletes and strength based athletes will find Vitargo perfect for delivering greater performance and recovery without the cramping and bloating seen with cheap sugar based products.



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