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Real Food Rice
5%Nutrition: Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price
Real Food Rice

Real Food Rice Carbohydrate Supplements

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Real Food Rice

Product Guide

Real food sources of healthy carbohydrates

Sustained energy to help fuel muscle growth

Ideal for athletes seeking to maximise their performance levels

Faster glycogen replenishment consumed after a workout

Rich in vitamins, and minerals

Rice Bran, Oats and TapiOK® for a healthy, tasty treat

Real Food Rice


Real Food Rice provides athletes and bodybuilders with a healthy source of carbohydrates derived from real foods in Rice Bran, TapiOK® (a trademarked non-GMO, hypoallergenic form of maltodextrin), and Oats. This combination provides you with a slow, steady source of carbohydrates which helps with optimal blood sugar management which in turn promotes a healthier, fitter physique. With a taste reminiscent of cocoa based cereals, Real Food Rice will be a firm fan for those seeking to build muscle and strength.


Real Food Rice can be used throughout the day to top up your carbohydrate levels and to therefore contribute to both optimal energy levels and to facilitate gains in muscle mass and performance.


Anyone who does not have time to prepare meals with healthy carb sources or who prefer the convenience that Real Food Rice provides.