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Damaged Mass Gh
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Damaged Mass Gh

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Damaged Mass Gh

Product Guide

Gain quality size at a supercharged rate

Improvements to sleep and recovery

Boost appetite for an easier bulk

Increase bone density and joint health

Strength and performance gains

Damaged Mass Gh


Mass GH is a powerful performance and recovery supplement that harnesses the synergy of two key compounds. First, Ligandrol (LGD), a S.A.R.M, fosters muscle growth and substantial strength gains within a highly anabolic environment. Notably, it achieves this without the side effects associated with stronger hormonal supplements like prohormones, thanks to its selective action. Second, MK-677 prompts your body to elevate HGH and IGF-1 levels, resulting in improved sleep, enhanced recovery, and better joint health.


This stack offers enhanced strength and appetite, making it ideal for bulking phases. However, it's versatile enough to be effective during calorie deficits, supporting muscle gain while reducing body fat. We recommend a 4-8 week cycle, especially for SARMs newcomers who should begin with lower doses and shorter cycles. It's important to note that because this stack includes LGD, a SARM, a post-cycle therapy (PCT) is essential.


Mass GH is designed for seasoned male athletes seeking a potent yet gentler option compared to prohormones, delivering impressive results.