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Creatine Caps
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Creatine Caps

Creatine Caps Creatine

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Creatine Caps

Product Guide

Research proven to increase performance for athletes

Cell-volumising effect means rapid lean body mass gains

Safe and natural supplement

Lets you tap into a power source to sustain high intensity performance for longer

The most researched ergogenic by a country mile

Works even better for those who consume little beef

Creatine Caps


Scitec Creatine Caps lets you supplement the most widely researched ergogenic supplement of them all in creatine monohydrate. With hundreds of studies showing this nutrient can enhance performance and lean body mass, these capsules allow you to supplement creatine more conveniently than ever before.


Creatine Caps can be taken over an extended period of time. Although some advocate cycling it on and off this is not a strategy which actually has any research to support it. Being safe and effective, we suggest using it all the time.


Anyone and everyone interested in improving their fitness or body composition should take creatine. The only exception would be those who eat beef daily as they would probably get enough creatine from their diet naturally.



Magnesium creatine chelate versus creatine monohydrate

Magnesium creatine chelate versus creatine monohydrate

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