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Prolactrone 90 Caps
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Prolactrone 90 Caps

Prolactrone 90 Caps Cycle Support

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Cycle Support



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Prolactrone 90 Caps

Product Guide

Controls prolactin levels

Helps reduce negative side effects of coming off a PH cycle

Ideal for prohormone users as part of PCT

Can also boost HGH levels

Increases dopamine for improved well-being

General libido and mood enhancing effects

Prolactrone 90 Caps


Prohormone users coming off cycle can find themselves with high levels of prolactin that can contribute to libido issues, erectile dysfunction, mood swings and a general poor feeling overall. Prolactrone works to control prolactin levels and combat these problems, as well as boost HGH levels for added strength and size.


Prolactrone should be used as part of PCT when coming off a prohormone cycle to help combat negative side effects.


Prolactrone is best suited to male prohormone users who will have high prolactin levels (with associated side effects). If you do not use hormonal products you do not need to take Prolactrone.


Black Lion Research Prolactrone 90 Caps


Take 1 capsule per day with water. Use Prolactrone cautiously with dopaminergic drugs such as amantadine, benserazide, carbidopa, atropine, and amphetamine, only under the guidance of a trained health care professional. Do not take if you have any pre existing medical issues. Consult a doctor before beginning any dietary supplement. See Nutritional Information for further guidance.



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