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Saw Palmetto Extract
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Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw Palmetto Extract Cycle Support

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Saw Palmetto Extract

Product Guide

Natural plant extract

Traditionally used for prostate health

May play a part in controlling DHT conversion

Ideal for older men and as part of on-cycle support

Saw Palmetto Extract


Saw Palmetto is a natural fruit extract used for centuries in many countries by males in particular. It's actions have been shown in numerous studies where it has exhibited benefits to various aspects of male health.


Saw Palmetto users can take this year round if desired.


Saw Palmetto is largely used by older men due to its potential to prevent enlargement of the prostate, regulate testosterone and possibly prevent hair loss. These suggested benefits also make it a popular standalone supplement to compliment your on-cycle support stack to mitigate potential side effects of hormonal supplements.