Digestive Defender 30 Servings
Digestive Defender 30 Servings

Digestive Defender 30 Servings

5Per Rich Piana


Digestive Support


30 Servings
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Digestive Defender 30 Servings

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Maximise nutrient digestion & absorbtion

Get the most out of your diet for better performance

Contains both Probio-75 (Probiotic supplement) & Diges-TEN (Digestive enzyme supplement)

Contains prebiotics, probiotics & digestive enzymes

3-4 times bigger dose of probiotic blend than most other supplements in the market!

High quality ingredients from an industry leading icon

Digestive Defender 30 Servings


You can’t can’t make the best use of the nutrients from your carefully selected diet if your gut and digestive system are unable to digest and absorb your food efficiently. Therefore, to achieve the best fitness, body and performance goals, you no doubt want to get the most out of your food to fuel your results. This is where Digestive Defender from 5% Nutrition comes in to play, in combing the best quality ingredients into a unique supplement combo to optimise your digestive health.


The Digestive Defender stack can be taken at any point in your training and supplement cycle. Add the Digestive Defender combo to your usual supplementation routine - it is super convenient as it can be taken with or without food, at any time of the day.


Digestive Defender is ideal for anyone who thinks they might not be getting the most from their diet and wants to optimise the nutrients their body is absorbing and utilising from food.


5Per Rich Piana Digestive Defender 30 Servings


Take 2 capsules of Probio-75 and 2 capsules of Diges-TEN orally, once per day. Can be taken with or without food.