Gut Health 75 Capsules
Gut Health 75 Capsules

Gut Health 75 Capsules Digestive Health Supplements



Improve Health


Digestion Aid


75 Capsules
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Gut Health 75 Capsules

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Boosts your health

Better nutrient absorption

Can help digest meals better

Improves absorption of protein leading to more muscle gains

Enhances immune hsystem

Gut Health 75 Capsules


Güt Health™ is the newly updated formula originally released in 2006. Representing the latest in probiotic technology, Gut Health™ contains a specialized force of complementary probiotic strains. Güt Health™ helps contribute to optimized nutrient absorption, protection against foodborne/environmental pathogens, prevention of bowel irritation/inflammation, support for a powerful immune system and reduction of GI stress caused by modern diet. Encased in Entericap™ technology, Güt Health™ provides the base of success in your health and fitness goals.


Güt Health should be taken regularly to support your gut and improve overall health and protein absorption.


Güt Health is for everyone but particularly those who have digestive issues, and those on a high protein diet. Please note Güt Health is not a medicinal product and is not designed to prevent, treat or cure any conditions or illnesses, so consult your GP if you do have any existing gut or bowel conditions.


Evomuse Gut Health 75 Capsules


Take 2 Entericaps™ per day for 5 days, then 1 per day after.