Bloat Relief
Bloat Relief

Bloat Relief General Health Supplements

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Bloat Relief

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Relieves bloating

Relieves gas

Plant-based ingredients

Helps "move food along" in digestion

Promotes GI health & function

Stay comfortable after you eat with Bloat Relief!

Bloat Relief


Use Life Extension Bloat Relief as it supports digestive comfort by encouraging healthy “digestive motility.” In other words, it gives your food “a little nudge” to keep it moving!<p>The Key to gastric relief after eating is minimizing your gas production and encouraging your body to process your food more efficiently. Life Extension’s experts looked in to the latest science when developing this Bloat Relief supplement and have combined artichoke and ginger extract, fennel seed oil and turmeric to help relieve occasional gas, bloating, and uncomfortable digestion. <p>


Use Bloat Relief after you have eaten to target the aspects of digestion that are responsible for gas and bloating. So that you can rest in the comfort of knowing you won't need to suffer through gastric discomfort after food, whether you're at home, work or a restaurant with friends, family or colleagues. Particularly useful in a bulking phase when you're taking on more food than usual, also helpful during a dieting phase when you're wanting to look as lean as possible or preparing to go on stage.


Perfect for both men and women of any age, who are looking for the peace of mind that they won't get gas and bloating after eating.