Probiotic Elite
Probiotic Elite

Probiotic Elite Digestive Health supplements

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Digestive Support


60 Capsules

Probiotic Elite

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Science based probiotic

Coated capsules deliver maximal absorption

Balanced blend of 8 strains of microflora

Supports a healthy digestive system

Better nutrient absorption means less bloat and wind

Improved utilisation of protein for better recovery

Probiotic Elite


A healthy digestive system based on a balance of intestinal flora is a key foundation of our physical health but modern diets as well as drugs such as antibiotics can disrupt optimal digestive function leading to digestive ill health and uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating and wind. Probiotic Elite supplies 8 unique strains of of healthy bacteria that promote microflora balance and can help support improved digestion and immunity.


Probiotic Elite can be used for short periods of time when users require high levels of healthy bacteria. Alternatively, it can be used on an ongoing basis as part of a strategy to support your digestive system.


Probiotic Elite is suitable for everyone seeking a high strength, wide spectrum probiotic to help support optimal digestive function.