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Bromelain Digestive Health supplements

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Bromelain is also known as pineapple extract as the compound is derived from pineapples

Contains a large amount of protein-digesting enzymes

Offers anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a nasal decongestant

2 tablets contains 1200 units of bromelain

Can help with improving protein absorption



Bromelain is a compound found in pineapples that contains a large amount of protein digesting enzymes. It has also been shown to offer anti inflammatory benefits and reduce nasal inflammation, meaning it acts as a decongestant. If you consume large quantities of protein per meal and suffer from bloating, then bromelain will be of benefit to you.


Bromelain should be used in between meals which aids in food digestion especially when eating large amounts of protein in a meal. It is most beneficial during bulking phases when food intake is at its highest thus giving you a worse symptom of bloating. Also, as the compound itself acts as a decongestant, it can also be supplemented when suffering from a blocked nose to alleviate the symptoms.


Bromelain is suitable for those who suffer from bloating when eating meals with large amounts of protein as it aids protein digestion.