Virtus 30ml
Virtus 30ml

Virtus 30ml Estrogen Blockers

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Virtus 30ml

Product Guide

Increase testosterone and drive estrogen down

Research based aromatase inhibitor more potent than formestane

Results experienced in less than a week

Reduced fat and water weight

Enhanced strength and recovery

Topical formula maximises absorption

Virtus 30ml


Virtus is a research based supplement based on research which shows the active ingredient is an incredibly potent inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme that causes testosterone to be converted into estrogen. By reducing estrogen your body compensates by secreting more testosterone which leads to a combination of faster gains in performance and an improvement in body composition with faster muscle gain and less body fat.


Virtus works best used in cycles of 4-8 weeks. After this time period we suggest stopping this and avoiding any other testosterone booster or estrogen blocker. Virtus can be used by itself or as part of a PCT after a prohormone cycle.


Virtus is best used by males aged 21+. A natural supplement, using Virtus is a good alternative to prohormones for those seeking to maximise their gains.


Iron Legion Supplements Virtus 30ml


Apply .5 to 1ml one to two times per day. Empty dropper into the palm of the hand and then spread thinly onto clean skin over a large surface area. Ideal application sites include the chest, clavicle region, shoulders, neck, and upper back. Wash hands after applying. If local irritation occurs discontinue use. Do not use continuously for longer than eight weeks without a period of discontinuation. Professional athletes should consult their regulatory body before using.