MuscleBuilders: Save 15%
MuscleBuilders: Save 15%

Humaslin Fat Burners

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Glucose Disposal Agent


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Save up to 20% on Natural Muscle Builders

180 Capsules
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Product Guide

Keep your blood sugar nice and steady

Suitable for pre-workout and post-workout consumption

Blow your anabolic window wide open

New levels of efficiency with glucose disposal

Make it through your cheat days without hindering your progress

Muscle mass can go through the roof



HumaSlin is a formula that is designed to shift your body into minimising fat storage and maximising the anabolic window. Muscle mass can go through the roof, and glucose can be disposed of efficiently so that you don't keep the unwanted fat. You don't need to say goodbye to carbs with these capsules.


HumaSlin is suitable for pre/post-workout consumption, depending on whether or not it is your pumps or your recovery you wish to boost. When you're about to consume a 50g portion of carbs, take two capsules. Alternatively, you can succumb to the cravings and embark on a journey loaded with carb calories, but do it right. So, if you feel the need for a cheat day coming on, that's when you're going to need these.


HumaSlin is suitable for all adult athletes who wish to maximise their carb intake for performance and pumps, or recovery efficiently after a hefty session. It is advised that you seek medical advise before purchasing, and the capsules are not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or nursing.



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