Thermal Spark 45 Capsules
Thermal Spark 45 Capsules

Thermal Spark 45 Capsules Fat Burners

Imperial Nutrition


Fat Loss (Stimulant)


Fat Burner



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45 Capsules
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Thermal Spark 45 Capsules

Product Guide

Energy and diet support

Extreme thermogenic

Not for beginners

Long duration of action

Use in the morning only

Focus support

Thermal Spark 45 Capsules


Thermal Spark is the type of fat burning supplement which is unique in today's market with only a single dose needed (and recommended) being enough to ensure you have all day support for your dieting needs. It will also work well as an alternative to coffee in the morning for users seeking to enhance productivity and focus or to power through morning workouts.


Thermal Spark should be reserved for daily use only when on a diet. Otherwise it can also be used to support energy and focus but in either scenario it should only be used in the morning and we recommend not using it for more than one month without then taking a one week break. Thermal Spark should NOT be used with any other stimulant based products such as preworkout supplements.


Intended for dieting athletes, Thermal Spark can be used by both sexes but we would advise any users to start with just one capsule a day and only consider a second capsule if they are struggling with energy towards the end of a diet. Should they need a second capsule we would still recommend taking that during the morning, 3-4 hrs after the first capsule.


Imperial Nutrition Thermal Spark 45 Capsules


Take one serving in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. Individual tolerance may vary, some users may need to take two capsules per day in separate doses. Do not exceed three capsules per day.