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Enhances greater fat loss by reducing insulin response

Promotes ketosis within the body

Helps use your bodies fat stores as a fuel source

Non-stimulant based product

Beneficial to those on any diet



Ketoblitz works by providing the body with one of the fatty acids produced in the body when in ketosis. This allows the body to regulate the amount of insulin being produced by the liver and enhance the effect of burning the bodies fat stores for energy, thus allowing you to burn more bodyfat in the process than any other type of diet. Another benefit of being in ketosis that is not commonly known is that it has been shown to have positive effects on mood when dieting, giving you a greater chance of sticking to a ketosis diet compared to other dieting methods. Ketosis in the body has also shown to exert health benefits such as improvements on glycaemic control, hyperlipidaemia and certain cardiovascular risk factors.


Ketoblitz is recommended before or during exercise, but can be consumed up to 3 servings a day to maximise fat loss. Ketoblitz comes in a convenient 30ml liquid limeade flavour per serving and is ideal for those looking to promote the maximum effects of ketone bodies fat burning potential.


Ketoblitz can be used by those on a keto diet looking to maximise the fat burning effects of ketosis. It can also be used by individuals who are not on a ketosis diet and are looking to lose weight by reducing the amount of insulin the body produces, helping to reduce blood glucose levels.



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