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MCT Evolved
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MCT Evolved

MCT Evolved Fish Oils and Essential Fat Supplements (EFAs)



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MCT Evolved

Product Guide

Supports dieters on low carb diets

Research shows MCT's can increase metabolic rate

Helps lower bodyfat naturally

Stimulant free

All natural fatty acid found in coconut oil

Helps produce ketones to aid endurance performance

A special form of fat which is used for energy rather than being deposited as bodyfat

MCT Evolved


MCT Evolved delivers a high concentration of MCT's which act differently in the body to regular fats by being easily utilised as a fuel source. For low carb dieters MCT Evolved can help improve performance particularly over higher rep ranges and when performing cardio. For dieters MCT Evolved helps increase satiety, amplifies metabolic rate and has been shown in research to improve fat loss, and improve thyroid function to make your diet work better.


MCT Evolved can be used around the workout period to give you more energy for exercise. In addition, you can mix MCT Evolved with food or a protein shake throughout the day. For those on long term low carb diets MCT Evolved is perfect to maximise physical performance and enhance body composition.


Principally those on low carb diets seeking to increase performance and optimise their metabolism. Both men and women can use MCT Evolved to improve their fitness.