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Blue 65mm X firm
Green 45mm Firm
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AllCare Powerloop

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Strong loop band

Extra durable

Perfect for at home or in the gym

Various strengths available

Fast delivery compared to other companies!

AllCare Powerloop


The use of resistance bands has been prominent in many different workout plans from a number of fitness professionals for many years, however they are gaining popularity more and more for their ability to change how an exercise effects the muscle within a particular range of the strength curve (they can change the resistance profile of some exercises completely).


There is no “right/wrong” time to use a band, they can be used for warming up to improve blood flow, they can be used to improve mobility, or they can be used to alter an exercise. You can even create a home workout using just bands! The possibilities are endless.


We think everyone should be using bands, not on every exercise in every workout, but it’s certainly a tool you want in your toolbox when you need to alter something about your training, even if it’s just improving your mobility and blood flow at the start of your sessions!