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Camo Lifting Straps
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Camo Lifting Straps

Camo Lifting Straps Fitness Accessories

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Camo Lifting Straps

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Helps you reach your weight training goals

Ideal for weight lifting, powerlifting, crossfit, MMA and much more

Camo Lifting Straps


Use these Predator Nutrition lifting straps if you're finding that grip is becoming a limiting factor to how much weight you can lift. These Lifting straps can remove this barrier so that you can see just how strong your muscles really are!


Use when carrying out heavy lifts on pulling exercises when your own grip isn't strong enough for your next weight progression. Great for deadlifts, rows, pulldowns and more.


Ideal for anyone who has advanced their strength beyond where their hand grip is able handle. Suitable for bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit and more.