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Oxandrolone Test Kit
ALL: Choose 2 Samples!
Oxandrolone Test Kit

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Oxandrolone Test Kit

Product Guide

Highly accurate test for Oxandrolone

Provides an answer within 1 minute

Fast and inexpensive way to determine if you have the real product

Uses colour read outs to make it easy to understand

No need to send results to a lab

Oxandrolone Test Kit


The individual 2-step tests utilise 2 testing ampules that produce a 2 part colometric fingerprint for accurate steroid identification. Lots of underground labs are out there making products that don't actually do what they say on the tin. Using a testing kit ensures that you are buying the product that you want, and that your Anavar is real. Don't be scammed out of pocket for fake goods.


Add about 20mg of your pill powder (about the size of a match head) into the testing ampule, shake gently and wait for the colour of the liquid to change to indicate the presence of the Anavar within your tablet. A colour change indicates that your product is real.


The testing refill kit is to be bought by individuals who are using anabolics and wish to ensure that their product contains viable amounts of their intended hormone.