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Roidtest Advanced Field Kit
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Roidtest Advanced Field Kit

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Roidtest Advanced Field Kit

Product Guide

Test for the presence of multiple anabolic steroid compounds

Uses colour reagents for an easy identification

Created by William Llewellyn the author of the book 'Anabolics'

Ensure maximum results by confirming presence of steroids

Comes with colour chart to differentiate between steroids

Tests accurately and fast

Roidtest Advanced Field Kit


There are many counterfeit anabolic steroids on the market as more and more people start making their own compounds even in their garages. You have to be careful when taking any anabolic substances not only so you get the best results, but also to make sure your health isn't put at even greater risk. Roidtest Advanced Field Kit can't promise to tell you exactly what and how much is in your anabolic steroids, but it will identify what substance is in the compound meaning you have some knowledge of what you are taking. If you want to take anabolic steroids, at least reduce the risk of taking fake products.


Roidtest Advanced Field Kit is best to be used every time you have anabolic steroids to validate their authenticity.


Anyone who is using anabolic steroids that wants the reassurance they are taking what they should be.