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Trenbolone Test Kit
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Trenbolone Test Kit

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Trenbolone Test Kit

Product Guide

Tests for acetate or enanthate esters

Gives a result in just minutes

A refill for the complete testing kit

Highly accurate and easy to read

2-step single use test

Trenbolone Test Kit


The kit is a refill for your full ROIDTEST kit and is a fast, easy and highly accurate test to protect you from fake oils. Don't leave it to guesswork and word of mouth!


We advise using this before using any new lab or batch of the PED. Add a few drops of your vial into the testing vial and within minutes, a visible indicator will let you know if the acetate or enanthate ester have been detected in the product.


The testing refill kit is highly recommended for anybody who is using the named anabolic steroid to avoid taking counterfeit AAS and ensure the legitimacy of what they are using.