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High strength glucose disposal aid

Highly dosed ingredients

Helps regulate glucose levels

Improves insulin release, response and sensitivity

Enhances pumps

Helps improve body composition



You would use Glycomax with your largest carbohydrate meals when you’re trying to gain lean muscle mass. Or you can split it and use a small amount with lots of carb meals when you’re trying to lose body fat. It’ll help you maintain body mass and help you get better pumps in the gym. You’ll feel incredible pumps when using a full serving of Glycomax pre-workout with a large ingestion of carbohydrates before your workout. <p> The ingredients in Glycomax are very simple, containing only 5 key ingredients. Cinnamon bark extract, Berberine HCL and Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) are the 3 primary glucose disposal aids and are highly dosed in Glycomax for optimal results.


Glycomax can be used year-round and is a versatile supplement so can be used at any point in your supplementation cycle during both your lean muscle gaining phase as well as your fat loss phase.


Glycomax can be enjoyed by any fitness enthusiast with body composition goals, including men and women who are either looking to gain lean muscle mass or looking to reduce body fat.