BCAA+Glutamine Xpress 600g Bubble Gum
BCAA+Glutamine Xpress 600g Bubble Gum

BCAA+Glutamine Xpress 600g Bubble Gum Glutamine Supplements

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BCAA+Glutamine Xpress 600g Bubble Gum

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Optimizes muscle growth, maintenance and recovery

5g of BCAAs per serving

Prevents muscle breakdown (catabolism)

Glutamine aids increases in athletic capacity and reductions in fatigue

Perfect for all disciplines: from aesthetic to performance sports

3 delicious flavours to choose from

BCAA+Glutamine Xpress 600g Bubble Gum


If you want to train like an athlete, you need to fuel your body like one too! Scitec Nutrition's BCAA+Glutamine powder contains efficacious doses of 4 essential amino acids: L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and L-Glutamine: all showing clinical significance in terms of muscle growth and recovery. BCAAs prevent the rate of protein breakdown exceeding that of protein synthesis by catalysing increases in the latter, making them particularly useful during a dieting phase, whereby risk of breakdown is much more likely. L-Glutamine accounts for 60% of the amino acids contained in muscle tissue, and thus supplementation prevents any deficiencies occurring as a result of heavy training. Keeping muscles well fueled prevents premature fatigue, muscle breakdown and can help accelerate recovery.


Can be consumed either prior to or during training sessions, and/or throughout the day on non-training days.


This product can be used by anybody who undertakes hard training. This applies to both aesthetic sports such as bodybuilding, and performance sports such as athletics, swimming etc... It is particularly suited to those undertaking a dieting phase, due to its ability to mitigate against loss of hard earned muscle tissue as a result of a calorie deficit.


Scitec Nutrition BCAA+Glutamine Xpress 600g Bubble Gum


Mix 1 serving (12 g) daily in 600 ml water. Consume around, and/or during your workouts or between meals



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Can BCAA supplements reduce muscle soreness?

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