Genius Mushrooms 90 Caps
Genius Mushrooms 90 Caps

Genius Mushrooms 90 Caps Greens and Superfoods

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90 Caps
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Genius Mushrooms 90 Caps

Product Guide

Contains 3 different mycological species of mushrooms

Boosts immune system

Improves memory, focus and cognitive function

Has been shown to relieve stress and improve mood

Stress and liver support activity

Genius Mushrooms 90 Caps


Genius Mushrooms contains 3 different mushroom extracts that potentially delivers organic wellness improvements which could include cardiovascular support, more energy, improved focus and enhanced cognitive function. Unlike stimulants, Genius Mushrooms not only will not negatively impact sleep or cortisol levels, it will actually help to combat stress and support overall physical and mental health requirements.


Genius Mushrooms contains no stimulants and therefore can be used continuously to reap the benefits from the product. Indeed, given the nature of micronutrients such as the mushroom extracts in this, it can be expected to work better over the longer rather than short term.


Genius Mushrooms is suitable for both men and women whom are looking to improve their overall wellness as well as their mental performance.


The Genius Brand Genius Mushrooms 90 Caps


As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule with 250ml of water, 20 minutes before meals three times daily.