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AmiNO Xpress
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AmiNO Xpress

AmiNO Xpress Intra Workout Supplements

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AmiNO Xpress

Product Guide

Absolutely loaded with ergogenics that enhance performance and recovery

Delivers 5g of BCAA's to boost performance and combat post workout soreness

Citrulline enhances muscle pumps and endurance

Beta-alanine helps buffer lactic acid by increasing carnosine levels

Micronised for better absorption

Includes tyrosine to enhance focus

AmiNO Xpress


When it comes to amino acid formulas very few match up to Scitec's Amino Xpress which not only provides the standard 5g dose of BCAA's seen in most similar products but it also includes a good dose of other beneficial ingredients such as citrulline, betaine, glutamine and beta-alanine which enhance muscle pumps, nutrient and oxygen delivery, muscle endurance and muscle recovery. If you can handle the 22g serving then this could be the product for you.


Amino Xpress is a dedicated supplement for use during training sessions. With that said it can also be used between meals to enhance muscle growth and recovery. If used for this purpose we would recommend dosing this 2 hours before or after a meal to elevate protein synthesis.


Amino Xpress is a good choice for anybody seeking a recovery formula that also enhances pumps and endurance.



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Can BCAA supplements reduce muscle soreness?

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