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Elite Cissus 180 Capsules
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Elite Cissus 180 Capsules

Elite Cissus 180 Capsules Joint Health Supplements

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Joint Support


Joint Health Supplements



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180 Capsules
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Elite Cissus 180 Capsules

Product Guide

Joint support supplement

Highly potent 50% extract of Cissus

Ideal if you'd like to optimise body composition

Helps to limit inflammation caused by tough workouts

A more efficient recovery can get you back to the gym faster

Support your body, support your mood

Elite Cissus 180 Capsules


Cissus has long been used as a medicinal plant in Ayurvedic cultures. The benefits of using Predator Nutrition’s Elite Cissus is that it can help to support your joints by limiting joint pain and to enhance your body composition. Predator Nutrition use a high 50% Ketosterone content within the supplement to ensure maximal benefits from this plant.


Cissus Quandrangularis should be taken at any time that you feel your bones and joints start to get pain or niggles from day to day activities or training. Prolonged use is recommended for this supplement as stores of its bioactive compounds (vitamin C and flavonoids) will increase in the body giving this plant lasting effects.


Elite Cissus is suitable for use by anyone but particularly well suited to those performing a lot of high intensity exercise or high impact activity.


Predator Nutrition Elite Cissus 180 Capsules


Take 2 tablets daily with food