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Joint Support XT 120 Caps
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Joint Support XT 120 Caps

Joint Support XT 120 Caps Joint Health Supplements

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Joint Support


Joint Health Supplements




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120 Caps
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Joint Support XT 120 Caps

Product Guide

Reduce joint and connective tissue inflammation

Protect the integrity of joints and connective tissue

Uses 3 licensed, patented proven natural compounds

Clinically dosed Glucosamine sulphate HCL

Works quickly using research validated ingredients

Joint Support XT 120 Caps


SNS Joint Support takes a multifactorial approach to enhancing joint function containing effective doses of research backed ingredients such as 1500mg of glucosamine sulfate and a host of patented supporting ingredients that add to the cumulative benefit of Joint Support XT by reducing inflammation, enhancing joint strength, function and mobility while also ensuring that results are experienced more quickly.


Unlike pre-workout supplements whose effects are felt immediately, joint supplements need TIME for their benefits to take effect. Therefore SNS Joint Support should be taken habitually as part of your daily routine in order to keep on top of joint inflammation and maintain the integrity of your joints.


Joint Support is ideal for people from all walks of life at any end of the adult age spectrum. It is especially beneficial to those lifting weights or performing repetitive movements either in sport or at work.


Serious Nutrition Solutions Joint Support XT 120 Caps


As a dietary supplement take two (2) capsules of Joint Support XT two times daily, preferably with meals. Or take (4) capsules once per day, preferably with meals.