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Supportmax Joint 160 Capsules
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Supportmax Joint 160 Capsules

Supportmax Joint 160 Capsules Joint Health Supplements

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Joint Health Supplements



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Supportmax Joint 160 Capsules

Product Guide

Contains patented ingredients

Ingredients shown to have anti-inflammatory effects

May reduce pain and swelling

Highly dosed

Capsule form, also available as powder

Supportmax Joint 160 Capsules


The process of ageing and increased joint loading during sport/training can impact on key structures within a joint such as cartilage, ligaments tendons and bones making them susceptible to injury, that can lead to degenerative changes and longer-term problems.


If using on training days, take AWAY from your session. So, for example, if training in the evening, you might want to take in the morning with your first meal. Effects will be best noticed with consistent use.


Anyone who is struggling with aches, inflammation and lack of mobility from joint issues can benefit from adding Supportmax Joint to their daily supplement routine.


Strom Sports Supportmax Joint 160 Capsules


Take 1 Serving (4 Capsules) daily.