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Super Cissus
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Super Cissus

Super Cissus Joint Health Supplements

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Joint Health Supplements




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Super Cissus

Product Guide

Reduces inflammation quickly with pain reduced in under a week

Potent joint support based around Cissus Quadrangularis

Backed by research showing how a high grade cissus extract can improve pain

Super Cissus also improves body composition and strength

By enabling you to train pain-free you will experience faster gains in the gym

Super Cissus


The importance of a good joint support supplement is well known to bodybuilders, and there are plenty of joint aids out there. Super Cissus offers something different in that it is specifically designed to combat inflammation and associated pain, rather than targeting cartilage problems as per most other joint aids.


This product should be taken after an injury to help reduce pain and improve recovery.


If you suffer from inflammation-related joint pain and regular joint aids are of no use, Super Cissus is the only product for you. For otherwise healthy adults only.


USP Labs Super Cissus


As a dietary supplement, take 1 Super Cissus Rx capsule 10 minutes prior to breakfast and 1 capsule 10 minutes prior to the last meal of the day. Super Cissus Rx supports healthy tendons, ligaments, cartilage and joints.