NutsNMore: Save 25%!
Nuts n More Peanut Powder
NutsNMore: Save 25%!
Nuts n More Peanut Powder

Nuts n More Peanut Powder Low Carb Food & Drinks

Nuts 'N More


Improve Recovery


Protein Powder: Meal Replacement




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Nuts n More Peanut Powder

Product Guide

GMO free

Low calorie alternative to the spread

All natural ingredients

Works as an addition to a protein shake

Works as a meal replacement

Available in several flavours

Gluten free

Nuts n More Peanut Powder


PB Powder is the answer to all those who love the flavours and protein content of the spread, but want something a little less calorific. You can use it as a quick breakfast, in addition to your protein shake, any quick protein top-up to make sure that your body is satisfied. All-natural ingredients, too!


When you've entered a high-protein, low-calorie stage of your diet, this works perfectly for your breakfast and protein shakes. Also, perhaps you've just had a wonderful summer, been on holiday or been resting for a while, and now need to watch the calories.


PB Powder is suitable for people on GMO-free and gluten-free diets. However, it is not suitable for people with nut allergies.