Bitter Melon (Karela) 60 Capsules
Bitter Melon (Karela) 60 Capsules

Bitter Melon (Karela) 60 Capsules



Pain Relief


60 Capsules
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Bitter Melon (Karela) 60 Capsules

Product Guide

Single herb formula

Support normal blood sugar levels

May support diabetes management

Keeps body functions operating normally

Promotes healthy glucose utilization

Antioxidant properties

Bitter Melon (Karela) 60 Capsules

Use Himalaya Bitter Melon Karela when you're looking for blood glucose support to help maintain your blood sugar at normal levels and want support ensuring that your body functions are operating normally.

Use Himalaya Bitter Melon Karela when you want that added support ensuring your blood glucose is at healthy levels and want to optimise your insulin response to be healthy.

Ideal for anyone wanting added health support to optimise their body functions whether male or female and regardless of exercise frequency and intensity this supplement can support everyone.


Himalaya Bitter Melon (Karela) 60 Capsules


Take 1 capsule twice a day after meals with water