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Muscle Builder: Advanced


180 Capsules


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Full, pumped and more vascular musculature

Makes it easier to gain muscle while also enabling you to lose fat

Works by improving sensitivity to the key anabolic hormone insulin

Ideal for those wanting to lean bulk - gain muscle while burning fat at the same time

Used with carbohydrates, Glycolog results in noticeably more pumped muscles after use

Those who struggle with carbs will find they can eat more without getting fat with Glycolog



Glycolog is a supplement that is termed a glucose disposal agent which harnesses and refines the power of insulin. Essentially, it means it helps your body manage carbohydrates more efficently which allows users to drive more fuel and amino acids to muscles. By doing this not only is muscle gain and recovery enhanced but it means that you can drop fat at the same time since poor carbohydrate management often leads to bloating and fat gain.


Glycolog is recommended to be used when consuming a carbohydrate rich meal. Ignore the label, you can use this with any and all carbohydrate rich meals should you wish. On a longer time frame, most will use Glycolog when they are seeking to either diet or gain lean mass while keeping fat off. It can be used on a year round basis should you wish to try to maintain a full, pumped look year round.


Glycolog can be taken by men and women but we caution those with insulin related conditions such as diabetes to avoid this since it works by mimicking the effects of insulin.



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