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SST1 Kit
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SST1 Kit

SST1 Kit Muscle Building Supplements

Blackstone Labs


Build Muscle


Muscle Building Supplements




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SST1 Kit

Product Guide

Develop new muscle cells

Enhance lean muscle mass and tissue

Contains real IGF-1 precursor

Help with improving body composition

Generate natural dopamine and HGH levels

SST1 Kit


The IGF-1 is real and pure IGF-1 (or insulin-like-growth-factor) is extracted from whey protein. Using a molecular technique they extracted 175ug/100g of IGF-1. The human growth hormone is promoted through high amounts of L-DOPA and anterior pituitary peptides which naturally stimulate growth in the body. This combination stack aims to increase your muscle mass and strength.


SST-1 Stack should be taken as part of an effective nutrition and training plan to build muscle and lean tissue.


If muscle mass, strength and even well-being are part of your lifestyle goals. Then using the Blackstone Labs SST-1 kit as real IGF-1 and precursors for GH levels can assist you in achieving your goals.



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