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Adamantine 90 Caps
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Adamantine 90 Caps
Adamantine 90 Caps

Adamantine 90 Caps Muscle Building Supplements



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Muscle Building Supplements




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90 Capsules
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Adamantine 90 Caps

Product Guide

Amplified strength and muscle growth

Enhanced recovery and reduced muscle soreness

Improved body composition and reduced body fat

Enhanced protein synthesis for muscle development

Non-hormonal and suitable for men and women

Improved muscular power and explosive strength

Science-backed formula for superior results

Accelerated muscle repair and regeneration

Adamantine 90 Caps


Adamantine combines the synergistic effects of phosphatidic acid, laxogenin, epicatechin and vitamin D to unleash your full muscle-building potential. By maximizing muscle protein synthesis, supporting recovery, and optimizing hormone levels, it provides unparalleled results for athletes and those seeking muscle growth. Research supports the effectiveness of these ingredients in enhancing muscle gains, strength improvements, and overall athletic performance.


Adamantine can be used for extended periods, up to several months, thanks to its unique formulation. It is ideal for boosting muscle growth, strength, and recovery. It can be stacked with almost anything for better gains with Alchemy our top recommendation.


Adamantine is ideal for men or women seeking significant gains in muscle mass, strength, and overall performance. It is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced, who are dedicated to pushing their limits and achieving their fitness goals.


Hydrapharm Adamantine 90 Caps


Take one capsule of Adamantine three times per day with a meal. Adamantine can be stacked with other products in the Hydrapharm Perfromamce Series for further enhancement in performance, muscle mass or body composition improvements.



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