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Phosphatidic Acid 60 Capsules
PredatorNutrition: Buy 3 for 2!
Phosphatidic Acid 60 Capsules

Phosphatidic Acid 60 Capsules Muscle Building Supplements

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Muscle Building Supplements



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60 Capsules
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Phosphatidic Acid 60 Capsules

Product Guide

Studies show significant gains in mass and strength

Muscle pumps and fullness

Supports strength and power output

All natural supplement

Designed to support high intensity performance

Supports body composition and fat loss

Greater training adaptations and gains

Non-hormonal, men and women can use it

Phosphatidic Acid 60 Capsules


Phosphatidic Acid is is backed by human studies on men with previous weight training experience where a dose of 750mg a day resulted in significant improvements in strength (13% in squats and 52kg in leg press) in a few weeks as well as more muscle mass and fat loss with results far exceeding that of a placebo group.


Phosphatidic Acid is a safe supplement which can be used on an ongoing basis if desired to continually improve your body's ability to recover faster and so increase strength and muscle more quickly than before.


Phosphatidic Acid is safe for both sexes to use, with no negative side effects on hormones or health measures. It is ideal for bulking but its body composition improving effects also makes it a great addition to a dieting stack.


Predator Nutrition Phosphatidic Acid 60 Capsules


Take 1 capsule 3 times a day.