MuscleBuilders: Save up to 20%
Phosphatidic Acid XT 120 V Capsules
MuscleBuilders: Save up to 20%
Phosphatidic Acid XT 120 V Capsules

Phosphatidic Acid XT 120 V Capsules Muscle Building Supplements

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Phosphatidic Acid XT 120 V Capsules

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Lean Muscle Gains

Increases in Strength

Fat Loss

Improved Endurance

Enhanced Workout Recovery

Improved Workout Performance

Increased Protein Synthesis

Phosphatidic Acid XT 120 V Capsules


Phosphatidic Acid (PA) is a natural muscle building supplement that has been shown to directly activate mTOR – the signaling pathway that drives muscle protein synthesis in humans. Research involving resistance trained athletes has found that supplementing with Mediator® PA leads to increases in lean muscle gains, strength gains, fat loss, and improved body-composition.<p> Mediator Phosphatidic Acid offers what many other overhyped supposed muscle building supplements lack – research in humans showing real gains in muscle size and strength!<p>


Use SNS Phosphatidic Acid XT when you want to increase your strength and size, particularly during muscle building phases of your training cycle. This supplement will help your muscle building goals by stimulating increased protein synthesis (anabolism/anabolic state) while also decreasing catabolism/the catabolic state.


Ideal for use by both Men & Women who are looking to maximise the results of the strength and weight training. Particularly useful for those looking to build muscle and prevent as much muscle breakdown as possible while building muscle. Great for athletes, bodybuilders, bikini competitors and others undertaking serious training.


Serious Nutrition Solutions Phosphatidic Acid XT 120 V Capsules


As a dietary supplement take 4 capsules a day.