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Muscle Building Supplements




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Product Guide

Awesome muscle and strength builder

Contains Arachidonic Acid at a dose shown to deliver rapid muscle and strength gains in multiple studies

Widely considered by many as the best non-hormonal muscle builder of all

Works by sensitising your muscles to help you break through plateaus in muscle and strength

Users can expect to feel the same sort of deep muscle soreness experienced by weight training newbies

By increasing soreness you force the muscles to adapt by increasing size

Can be dosed pre-workout to increase vascularity, pumps and endurance

Stacks well with testosterone boosters and other natural anabolics like Adamantine



SNS X-Gels work by increasing inflammation in your muscle cells leading to greater soreness and muscle damage than you would experience ordinarily which in turn leads to your muscles growing larger and stronger to compensate. Once you are past the first year of training gains in the gym slow down for everyone largely because your muscles become more resistant to the effects of training which is why you find it harder and harder to get as sore after a workout. X-Gels returns your muscles to a more sensitive state and doing so induces consistent gains in muscle and strength with maximum effects kicking in after 4 weeks although some benefits like pumps and endurance are felt immediately.


X-Gels can be used any time of the year and most users find long cycles of 8-16 weeks ideal. As a supplement X-Gels can be equally effective when dieting or bulking while long usage of this product has confirmed that it is best used by taking all your dose before a workout and then splitting the dosage throughout the day on non-workout days. Feel free to experiment though, with many reporting doubling the dose on training days and then not using on non-workout days is best for them.


Anybody seeking improvements in muscle mass and strength but most especially this is a product for those who are struggling to get past plateaus in muscle and strength such as those who have been training for several years.



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