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Vector 180 Caps
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Vector 180 Caps

Vector 180 Caps Natural Performance Enhancers

Black Lion Research


Build Muscle


Natural Performance Enhancers




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180 Caps
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Vector 180 Caps

Product Guide

Innovative natural ingredients

Increases protein synthesis and strength

Preserves hard earned muscle mass

Can be used when bulking AND cutting

No PCT required

Vector 180 Caps


Part of the 'new wave' of natural anabolics, Vector by Black Lion Research is destined to make a big impact on the supplement market - largely due to the unique yet highly afficaious combination of ingredients. Eriobotrya Japonica, Korean Mistletoe and Rehmannaie Radix combined induce significant activation of key muscle-building pathways such as mTOR, and regulation of gene expression: allowing you to fully optimize the benefits of a structured training and nutrition plan, and achieve your best physique to date.


This is a product you sure don't want to miss out on if your goal is body re-composition. The blend of highly effective natural substances has never been seen before, however the seemingly endless list of benefits makes it a product pretty much anyone can find a use for!


Males and females can use this product due to it not affecting hormone levels


Black Lion Research Vector 180 Caps


Take 3 capsules twice daily.



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