ControlledLabs: Spend £50 and get FREE box of Demand Bars
Orange Beat
ControlledLabs: Spend £50 and get FREE box of Demand Bars
Orange Beat

Orange Beat Natural Performance Enhancers

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Natural Performance Enhancers



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Orange Beat

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Fast acting and fast absorbing

Supports enhanced VO2 Max

Can improve cardiovascular health

May improve endurance performance

Ingredients are backed by scientific research

Orange Beat


Orange Beat uses ingredients which are focused on improving your cardiovascular health and performance. Research backed ingredients show that using these together can improve your VO2 max which will push your endurance performance up. These four ingredients of shilajit, CoEnzyme Q10, Bergamot and Garlic Bulb work together to optimise your performance levels.


Orange Beat is ideal to use when you are training to improve your cardiovascular endurance as part of your periodised training plan. When you are wanting to peak your performance then using supplements that will enhance VO2 max and therefore cardiac output will put you on the finishing line ahead of others.


Orange beat is idea for anyone wanting to address their vital cardiovascular needs including overall health and endurance. Perfect supplement for both men and women who need an extra boost in the gym to support their goals.



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