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Need 2 Slin
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Need 2 Slin

Need 2 Slin Non-Stimulant Fat Burners

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Need 2 Slin

Product Guide

Assists in preventing fat stores

Supports lean muscle growth and body recomposition

Increases glucose uptake into the muscle cells

Boosts insulin when needed the most and reduces it when not

Perfect for both cutting and bulking

Great for those on high protein/low carb diets to prevent muscle breakdown

Need 2 Slin


Need 2 Slin boosts your insulin sensitivity making macronutrients in your body move into your muscle tissue and stimulate growth rather than to fat deposits. More simply it helps to reduce body fat whilst increasing lean body mass as well as enhancing nitric oxide production, so you will experience better blood flow, pumps and vascularity


To increase fat loss, take two capsules 30 minutes before each meal. To increase mass gains, use three capsules before each meal. As a supplement this is ideal for anyone seeking to improve performance when dieting and it also lets dieters consume more carbs without fat compared to normal which also means muscle mass is easier to retain given carbs are important for maintaining performance and without maintaining performance muscle is easily lost.


Need 2 Slin is ideal for anyone on a lean bulk where you try to avoid any fat gain while bulking as well as those dieting but seeking to maintain performance and muscle mass.



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