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Water Cut
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Water Cut

Water Cut Non-Stimulant Fat Burners

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Water Cut

Product Guide

Eliminate water retention

By removing water beneath the skin you improve definition

Low stimulant content, just 40mg caffeine from healthy green tea

Safe natural ingredients

Perfect for getting in beach condition when already lean

Water Cut


Water Cut is a great option for when you are struggling to get the shredded look but cannot work out why. If the skinfold calipers tell you that you are lean but the mirror does not then the likely issue is excess water held below the skin that can make you look fat even if you are not. Both excess cortisol when dieting or eating certain foods rich in salts can make you get the bloated look that obscures your muscles. By eliminating water retention, Water Cut is ideal and the leaner you are the more dramatic the potential difference in appearance.


Water Cut should be used when dieting, towards the latter stages of your dieting once most of the subcutaneous fat has been removed already.


Both men and women can take this but this is a supplement best suited to those who are already in good shape wanting to look amazing or else for those who have issues generally with excessive water retention.