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Euphoria 60 capsules
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Euphoria 60 capsules

Euphoria 60 capsules Nootropic Supplements

Dark Labs


Increase Energy




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60 Capsules
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Euphoria 60 capsules

Product Guide

Boost Thermogenesis

Fat Loss

Strong Appetite Suppression

Extreme Energy

Enhanced Mood and Aggression During Workouts

Aids in Intensity

Euphoria 60 capsules


Use Dark Labs Euphoria for intense energy, focus and elated mood to help boost your performance at the gym, at work or other high pressure environments. In addition use Dark Labs euphoria for the added benefits of boosted thermogenesis for improved fat loss, alongside strong appetite suppression to help with fat loss goals.


Use primarily during the most intensive training phases of your training cycle when you're looking to push the boundaries of your performance to reach new goals and personal bests. This supplement can also help during fat loss phases as it helps support increased thermogenesis and appetite suppression which would help during cutting phases.


Great for both men and women this supplement is not for stimulant beginners or newbies. This supplement is best for those looking to seriously intensify their workouts.


Dark Labs Euphoria 60 capsules


As a standalone supplement, take 1-2 capsules 45 minutes before training. You can also stack with favourite pre-workouts - Start by stacking with just 1 capsule to test tolerance.