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Neuro AET
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Neuro AET

Neuro AET Nootropic Supplements

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Improve Health



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Neuro AET

Product Guide

Control cortisol (stress) levels

Support fat loss

Reduce inflammation

Maintain muscle mass (prevent catabolism)

Improved sleep and immune response

Neuro AET


Neuro AET counteracts cortisol for improved sleep, fat loss, immune response and more.


Can be used at any point in the year but the most benefit will be seen at time of especially high stress.


Many of us suffer from elevated cortisol as a result of high stress in modern life. This can interfere with many areas of our health and performance, from sleep to immune function and the ability to build muscle. Sound like you? Neuro AET can help!


Iconic Formulations Neuro AET


Use the dropper to apply .5ml topically, twice daily (once in the AM, once in the PM) Ideal application sites include the chest, shoulders, and neck. Do not apply second application within 4-6 hours of bed time, as it may impact sleep.