D-Serine Powder 60 Servings
D-Serine Powder 60 Servings

D-Serine Powder 60 Servings Nootropic Supplements

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60 Servings
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D-Serine Powder 60 Servings

Product Guide

Improve learning

Enhances memory

Can reduce symptoms of age and disease associated cognitive decline

Natural amino acid

Effective nootropic

D-Serine Powder 60 Servings


D-Serine is a natural key regulator in the formation of memories. It is an amino acid naturally synthesized in brain cells which aide in long-term potentiation (or in other words, the consolidation) of long term memories. Administration of D-Serine has been shown to enhance learning and working memory. D-Serine can be used to optimize your brain’s ability to learn and recall complex functions. So whether you could use the boost in your education, personal or social life, D-Serine can help optimize your mental performance and enhance your life.


D-Serine can be taken whenever and its benefits will be felt with continual longer term use.


D-Serine can be taken by anyone but is particularly effective for older people who feel their mental performance has degraded over time.


Prototype Nutrition D-Serine Powder 60 Servings


Dissolve 1 scoop in 4-8oz of a liquid drink. Stir and consume. Take two servings per day.