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Genius Gamer 80 Capsules
Save 30% on clearance products!
Genius Gamer 80 Capsules

Genius Gamer 80 Capsules Nootropic Supplements

The Genius Brand


Study/Work Aid


Multivitamin: Nootropic




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80 Capsules
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Genius Gamer 80 Capsules

Product Guide

Experience mental clarity, energy, focus and increased reaction time

Protect eyes against the strain of blue light

Highest quality patented ingredients used

Stacks well with other Genius Brand supplements

Up to 80 servings per tub!

Genius Gamer 80 Capsules


Genius Gamer is an elite gaming performance fuel supplement which helps you perform at your best whilst protecting your eyes from harsh blue light that can interfere with circadian rhythm and therefore sleep.


Genius Gamer is low enough in caffeine that we wouldn't worry to much about using it into the afternoon if desired. We'd suggest taking before an intense gaming, study or work session!


Genius Gamer is specially designed for serious gamers however that doesn't mean other people can't benefit from use! The blue light protection ingredients make it perfect for anyone who spends a long time at a screen, from students to office workers.


The Genius Brand Genius Gamer 80 Capsules


Consume 1 capsule with a glass of water.