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Rebirth 60 Caps
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Rebirth 60 Caps

Rebirth 60 Caps PCT Supplements

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Rebirth 60 Caps

Product Guide

Selectively blocks estrogen, similar in action to tamoxifen

The only natural SERM available that delivers

Displaces estrogen from binding to receptor sites

Supports muscle retention following anabolic cycle

Stops gyno

Helps bring hormone levels back to normal

Rebirth 60 Caps


Rebirth is a natural SERM, a class of drug which works by competing with estrogen in the body thereby preventing estrogenic side effects but still allowing for normal levels of estrogen in the body. While most supplements used for PCT prevent estrogen formation, Rebirth offers a more natural approach to PCT and can help maintain libido levels which can otherwise be suppressed when using AI's that drive estrogen down too far. While not as rapid acting as AI's such as Alchemy or Arimistane Plus, Rebirth works effectively all the same.


Black Lion Research Rebirth should be used as part of a PCT following anabolic cycles or used during a steroid/PH cycle where the compound in question aromatises to estrogen.


Rebirth should be used by male athletes seeking to prevent estrogen related side effects which can occur during a PH/AAS cycle if an aromatising compound is used as well as restoring natural testosterone and preventing estrogen related sides during PCT.


Black Lion Research Rebirth 60 Caps


Take 1 Capsule at a time up to 2 times per day.



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